The mission of the THOMAS BERRY FOUNDATION is to carry out the Great Work of Thomas in enhancing the flourishing of the Earth community. Created in 1998 by Thomas Berry, Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, Martin Kaplan, and Thomas' sister, Margaret Berry, the Foundation has promoted Thomas’ ideas through publishing his essays and overseeing translations, initiating an archive at Harvard, and organizing the Thomas Berry Award and Lecture.

The Foundation seeks to achieve its goals through the following initiatives:

Over the last decade Thomas’ archives have been transferred to Harvard with the dedicated assistance of his sister Margaret. During this same period Mary Evelyn and John have edited four of Thomas’ books and promoted their distribution. (The Great WorkEvening ThoughtsThe Sacred UniverseThe Christian Future and the Fate of Earth). In addition, they have helped to organize the Thomas Berry Award and Lecture since 1998. In September 2009 they created a Memorial Service for Thomas at the Cathedral of St John the Divine that was attended by over 1000 people. They also developed and maintain the Thomas Berry website.

Other work related to Thomas Berry's vision for the flourishing of the Earth Community include:


The thought of Teilhard de Chardin was a major influence on Thomas Berry and he preceded John Grim as President of the American Teilhard Association. John and Mary Evelyn have directed the Association since 1978. They oversee its membership, publications, and annual meeting in New York. They organized the celebration of Teilhard in 2005 at the United Nations and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine that commemorated the 50th anniversary of his death. The American Teilhard Association has been incorporated since the 1960s.


The Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale builds on the innovative work of Thomas in the history of world religions through a joint degree program in religion and ecology as well as through conferences, publications and a website. The Forum is directed by Mary Evelyn Tucker and John Grim. It was  created in 1998, following the completion of 10 conferences on World Religions and Ecology at Harvard (1996-1998) which Thomas attended. In addition, he was a principal speaker at the culminating conferences at the United Nations and the American Museum of Natural History in 1998.

The Forum highlights the important roles that religions play in constructing ethical worldviews for interacting with other people, species, and the environment. Now based at Yale, it has helped to create a new field of study and teaching in religion and ecology that has implications for environmental policy. With its wide network of leading scholars it published the 10 volume World Religions and Ecology Series from Harvard.

The Forum has supported the first journal in the field: Worldviews: Global Religions, Culture, and Ecology. One issue of this journal highlighted the Great Work when it was first published in 1999.  

The Forum’s comprehensive website at Yale provides introductory essays, annotated bibliographies, selections from sacred texts, environmental statements from religious communities, and examples of religious environmentalism. As part of its outreach the Forum sends out a monthly email newsletter and news articles from the United Nations Environment Programme that reaches over 12,000 people worldwide.  This has been a means of disseminating Thomas' concerns that religions enter into their ecological phase. 

The Forum is participating in interdisciplinary conferences, both national and international, that are policy oriented. Thomas was also involved in many of these conferences. These include conferences with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Earth Dialogues led by Gorbachev, the Earth Charter, the Parliament of the World's Religions (click here for videos), and the symposia on Religion, Science, and the Environment led by the Ecumenical Patriarch. 

The Forum is involved in expanding the network of international scholars, educators, and religious leaders concerned with environment and justice issues. To this end, the Forum is assisting with editing the Ecology and Justice Series from Orbis Books, which has 20 volumes, including Thomas’ last book, The Christian Future and the Fate of Earth.

With the evolutionary philosopher, Brian Swimme, Mary Evelyn  created a film, book, educational series, and website that builds on the comprehensive vision of Teilhard deChardin and Thomas Berry. This project  is designed to foster broader understanding of the universe story and its implications for a viable future for the Earth community. The film has been broadcast nationwide on PBS and it won a regional EMMY in the category of best documentary. The educational series consists of 20 interviews with scientists, historians, and environmentalists on the implications of the universe story for an ecologically sustainable future. The book is published by Yale University Press which also distributes the film and educational series. Further information is available at 

On November 7-9, 2014 at Yale Divinity School, the conference “Living Cosmology: Christian Responses to Journey of the Universe” was held in honor of Thomas Berry's 100th birthday. For more, visit the conference page.

Thomas Berry Foundation Trustees

Managing Trustees:
Mary Evelyn Tucker
John Grim

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Margaret Berry
Ann Berry Somers
Brian Brown
Amarilys Cortijo
Martin Kaplan
Teresa Kelleher

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The Thomas Berry Foundation is a private operating foundation with active programs in the field of Religion and Ecology. It is not a private foundation that makes grants to charitable institutions.

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